Punk Art Surrealist Winston Smith first became famous for producing art for punk legends Dead Kennedys, and is known by wider audiences for his covers for Green Day and publications such as The New Yorker,  Playboy, Spin, etc.

Winston has designed over 50 record covers and most recently collaborated with blues-rock recording artist Ben Harper for Harper’s album “White Lies for Dark Times” with band Relentless 7 (Virgin).

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“Winston Smith has always stormed the Citadel of the Image Police. Like William Burroughs cut-ups, he cuts through tradition and cliched lines of association to create new thoughts ultimately aimed at the destruction of all authoritarian false conciousness.”
– V. Vale




Dead Kennedys, Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death – CD and Vinyl Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1987 / Manifesto 2011)


Dead KennedysBedtime for Democracy – CD and Vinyl Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1986 / Manifesto, 2010)


Dead KennedysIn God We Trust, Inc. – Vinyl Cover (Statik 1981 / Manifesto 2010)

Green DayInsomniac – CD and Vinyl Cover (Reprise/Warner Bros., 1995-2009)
Ben Harper and Relentless 7White Lies for Dark Times – CD Gatefold Cover (Virgin, 2009)

  • Ben HarperBoth Sides of the Gun – Poster Insert (Virgin, 2006)
  • Jello BiafraIn the Grip of Official Treason – Spoken Word CD and Vinyl Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 2006)
  • Fish KarmaTheory of Intelligent Design – CD Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 2006)
  • ElectropolisElectropolis – CD Cover (Innova, 2006)
  • Order of the White RoseWar Machine – CD Cover (Unitree, 2006)
  • Disaster StrikesFreedom Toast – CD Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 2006)
  • Ray Daytona and the GoogoobombosFasten Seat Belt – CD Cover (Ammonia, 2005)

  • The Leaving TrainsAmplified Pillows – CD Cover (Steel Cage, 2005)
  • DuckmanduFresh Duck for Rotting Accordionists (Duckmandu, 2005)
  • Burning BridesLeave No Ashes – CD Cover (V2 Records, 2004)
  • Storm, Inc.The Calm Years – CD Cover (Sw-South West Label Group, 2001)
  • George CarlinComplaints and Grievances – Comedy CD Cover (Atlantic, 2001)
  • Jana HerzenSoup’s on Fire – CD Cover (Motema, 2001)
  • Dread Kennedys, In Dub We Trust – CD Cover (Underground, Inc., 2001)
  • Tijuana No!Live at Bilbao – CD Cover (RCA Intl., 2000)
  • SWAGDifferent Girls – Picture Disc (Space Baby, 2000)
  • The Scientists – Compilation and Enhanced CD (Herzenberg Lab, 1999)
  • Jello BiafraIf Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws with Evolve – Spoken Word CD and Vinyl Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1998)

  • Tijuana No!Contra Revolucion Avenue – CD and Vinyl Cover (RCA Intl., 1998)
  • FrenchyChe’s Lounge – CD Cover (Dionysus Records, 1998)
  • Life After LifeJust Trip – CD Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1997)
  • Let There be Singles – Compilation – CD Cover (Efa Imports, 1997)
  • One Hit WonderOutfall – CD Cover (Nitro Records, 1997)
  • Gout, Self-Titled – CD Cover (Self-Released, 1997)
  • InfestedHelpless White Grub – CD Cover (1996)
  • Panic Now! – Compilation – CD Cover and Back (1996)
  • PlainfieldShe’s Not My Daughter, She’s My Wife – CD Cover (Import, 1995)
  • PlutoShoehorse Emerging – CD Cover (Rastascan Records, 1995)
  • The Futility of a Well Ordered Life – Compilation – CD Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1994)
  • Jello BiafraHigh Priest of Harmful Matter – Spoken Word CD (Alternative Tentacles, 1993)
  • Virus 100 – Compilation on Alternative Tentacles (1992)
  • NomeansnoThe Sky is Falling and I Wany My Mommy – CD Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1991)
  • Jello Biafra with D.O.A.Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors – CD and Vinyl Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1990)
  • LardLast Temptation of Reid – CD and Vinyl Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1990)
  • Dead FactsWho Needs the Truth – CD Cover and Back (Import, 1990)
  • Oops, Wrong Stereotype – Compilation – CD Cover (Alternative Tentacles, 1988)
  • Dead KennedysPlastic Surgery Disasters – Inside Illustration / Insert (Alternative Tentacles, 1982)
  • Dead KennedysKill the Poor – Back Cover (Cherry Red, 1980)
  • Other Record Covers:  Plainfield, Gout, One Hit Wonder, Infested…


    Winston’s works on custom commissions and special projects from his North Beach Studio.

    Contact Winston

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